In Vanishing Towns of Rural Georgia, Andy forged new memories as he learned about these 14 Georgia towns.  Andy carefully chose each town based on it's "vanishing" status and other factors.  He researched the towns, set up interviews with local residents, and photographed interesting sites.  He carefully wrote and edited the book, put the layout together, and even found his first publisher.  Andy did all of the work himself.  It was a full time summer job, and he hopes you enjoy the result as much as he enjoyed making it!

Vanishing Towns of Rural Georgia
   written and photographed by Andy Kite

About (Biography)

Andy Kite was born and raised in Woodstock, Georgia where he lives with his family.

When Andy was five, his mother gave him a disposable camera and suggested that he go outside and take pictures.  One of the resulting shots, a picture of the family cat, won his school's PTA Reflections contest.  Thus, his interest in photography was born.  

Ever since his earliest days, Andy loved geography.  While other kids his age were watching cartoons, Andy would sit for hours pouring over his assortment of atlases.  By age 8, he could trace every watershed in the state of Georgia.  He loved fishing and spent almost every weekend finding a new fishing area with his dad.  At 11, he became interested in a geography-based outdoor activity called Geocaching and now has over 400 "finds."

While growing up, his family made frequent visits to his grandmother in Roberta, Georgia and an annual trek to his grandfather's hometown of Ellaville, Georgia.  Summer family trips to Florida were an adventure on the backroads of Georgia, Alabama, and Florida.  The rides to and from the beach were almost as much fun as the beach itself! 

Andy now attends college where he is an Honors Student majoring in Political Science with a minor in Geography.  He is President of his honors dorm Community Council and was inducted into the Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society for first year college students.  Andy is on his college Academic Team and is a member of a group that promotes the use of locally grown foods in restaurants and cafeterias.  He continues to enjoy any chance he gets to travel on Georgia's back roads.


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