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"I cannot imagine anyone of such tender years doing such a professional job."

-Jim Minter | Former Editor, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
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Vanishing Towns of Rural Georgia
   written and photographed by Andy Kite

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Welcome to the web site of young author Andy Kite. Andy has combined his interest in photography with a love of the rural south to produce his first published work, Vanishing Towns of Rural Georgia.  We invite you to pull up a comfortable chair and join Andy in exploring these almost-forgotten towns.

Andy is available to speak to schools, historical societies, and other groups.  Check back often to see where you can meet Andy! 
See the announcements page for details.

Vanishing Towns of Rural Georgia is a history and photography book that can be enjoyed by people of any age who have an interest in small town Americana.  Carefully written, photographed, edited, and entirely produced by a 16-year old Andy Kite, the book highlights 14 Georgia towns including Auraria, Boneville, Buckhead, Chauncey, Cohutta, Culloden, DeSoto, Elko, Kite, Newton, Norristown, Omaha, Penfield, and Sharon.  The Book contains detailed information, historic anecdotes, and photographs of what these places are like today.  It portrays the author's deep love and curiosity about the rural South.
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