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Vanishing Towns of Rural Georgia
   written and photographed by Andy Kite


"Anyone who has traveled Georgia's rural backroads will find this book by photographer/writer Andy Kite both intriguing and revealing.  It is a delightful journey through history and mystery. Readers who haven't traveled backroads will be inspired to do so."

- Jim Minter | Former Editor, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Andy Kite really did his research for this historical account of life long gone.  His photographs are haunting.  You can practically feel the ghosts of the past on every page.  I hope there will be a future edition of "Vanishing Towns," as there are, sadly, far too many of these places in Georgia, and I suspect, all over the country."

- Caroline A. Helwick | New Orleans, Louisiana

"This book is the perfect gift for anyone born and raised in Georgia or for anyone with connections to small-town life.  The stories are interesting and the photography makes you want to take a drive in the country.  I will definitely look at abandoned buildings with different eyes.  My entire family really enjoyed this book."

- Susan Erath | Canton, Georgia

"Andy Kite has done an amazing job with the photography and information in the book.  A treasure for anyone interested in rural America.  I hope we will hear more from this young author.  Very impressive."

- Olene Harris | Marianna, Florida
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